The Day After Easter

Yesterday, my daughter and I were walking the dog along the boardwalk in Ocean City, Md.  Those who are familiar with Ocean City know of a man, that for years, has walked or stood along the boardwalk with a life size wooden cross on his shoulder.  Usually, most people do not notice him, but yesterday I saw him standing there, noticed he was younger than me, and that his lips were moving as though praying or quoting scripture.  I looked at him and said, “Happy Easter, sir.”  He appeared taken aback, looked me in the eyes with his intent brown eyes and said, “God bless you.”

This moved me.  I recalled a story on Youtube where there was a video of him being assaulted by a tourist on the boardwalk and thought, WHY!?!  He is quiet, very unassuming, doing exactly what God had called him to do.  At that moment, I wished I had that attitude of service, the answer to God’s call, as he did.  I thought, my Lord, what has occurred in his life to cause him to want to serve God this way?  How much pain, how many times did he throw himself down at God’s feet.  Or, what exactly convicted his heart to serve the rest of his life in God’s name?

Maybe, he wasn’t what “society” calls entirely mentally healthy, but I do know that he touched my heart on Easter Sunday, the day my Lord conquered the grave.  So, “Mr. Life in Service to God”….I say “God Bless You” and mean it from the very depths of my heart and soul.  And may God protect you and keep you safe from those that profess their “religious freedoms” and rights in unkind ways.


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